Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Introducing Charlie McGillicuddy LLC (www.charliemc.com)

We live in an ultra competitive world. While some seem to thrive in it, others struggle to find their footing in an ever shifting, hard to understand employment sector.

In spite of many laws to try to protect against discrimination, we know it still exists. It is well documented that many companies start laying people off once they get to be middle aged, often replacing them with younger workers at a substantial reduction in salary, as they are "newbies".

Sadly, just about anyone can find some research study or statistics to twist to prove whatever point he or she is trying to get readers to believe. I teach a different strategy and approach to employment and job hunting.

A couple of years ago, a fusion took place between my friend and mentor, Charlie, and my ideology.

There exist literally hundreds of online and in person job and life coaches that seem to promise potential clients the sun, moon, and stars. They incorporate pop psychology, positive thinking and affirmations, and the ever-popular trending ideas that exist in society. When these are more closely analyzed, they are really nothing new but are the regurgitated ideas that can be traced back to the main fore fathers of fortune 500/business/motivational coaching.  While this information is good, it is often severely overpriced. Many clients roam between the various coaches taking all of their seminars, lectures, buying their CD's and books, and they seem to never break out of their given problem or cycles of bad fortune or misplacement in the work force. One of my closest friends actually has attended over 100 retreats and seminars from over a dozen of these motivational speakers and writers, spending well over $15,000 yet nothing has changed in his life or job situation.

Charlie and I were discussing this particular friend of mine and then we reached a decision. "There needs to be an individualized coaching service that really dissects each client's situation, personality, and the other factors in their specific field and then helps them to strengthen their weak areas and really learn how to interview." One size does not fit all in interview coaching.

Our research took us to many job interviewing web sites that were like a jungle to navigate. Buy these practice questions! Read this! Buy this! Try this! It was actually nightmarish trying to make sense of their websites and personal promotion of themselves. They were all job experts! They were all the best! We soon realized we would have to start from scratch to figure out the best way of helping potential clients.

After a year of field research and giving out hundreds of pro bono job coaching hours across many professional fields including business, engineering, science, law, academia, and medicine, we both realized there needed to be the following things present to truly help a job seeker succeed:

1) An understanding of the field he/she was trying to get employed in, especially specific companies and jobs that interested him/her.
2) An evaluation of the background, experience, skill set, and education and then showcasing the client’s strengths in his or her application, interviewing questions, and overall online presence;
3) A personality evaluation;
4) Personalized job coaching and job interviewing strategy built around THE client’s own unique needs, background, work field, and position sought;
5) Ongoing research in the contemporary job interviewing strategies used by corporations around the world including the psychology and profiling methods utilized.

So instead of trying to sell a client a pre-boxed set of IDEAS or a CULT personality behind the coaching, we decided to create the potential for a better and improved version of HIMSELF OR HERSELF that can be evolved and developed through the individualized process we have designed.

That is what Charlie McGillicuddy LLC is all about. 

Check it out at www.charliemc.com

No gimmicks. No catch phrases. No cult personalities. No feel good propaganda.