Monday, December 28, 2015

Affirmations for 2016

Happy New Year!

As a common cultural practice, we often make ourselves promises every new year of things we plan to do better. These resolutions commonly reflect our inner dreams, social needs, or areas that need improvement. However, most people fall short of reaching these aspirations for several reasons: time, patience, commitment, and money.

Affirmations are kind of like resolutions except they are made daily. They have a 90% chance of being implemented because they are a form of a daily reminder a person says to the self first thing every morning while looking in the mirror at his or her reflection and the last thing each evening before going to bed.

So how does one make an affirmation?  I suggest you get some index cards about the size of your hand. On each card, write one positive affirmation in your favorite color of pen saying something like the following:

I am in shape.
I am thinking clearly.
I am staying on task.
I am a loyal person.
I am beautiful.
I am positive.
I am a great friend.
I am a great mother.
I love my __________.

Remember: Say your affirmation(s) every morning upon waking up while looking in the mirror. Repeat the process right before you go to bed.

The simpler the wording is, the better. We say, "I am" because it tells the subconscious mind that this statement is already true. What we are doing in fact is reprogramming the subconscious mind to start thinking in a positive progressive way. When we truly believe something is possible, we automatically start behaving in ways that lead to the desired outcome.

As humans, most of us are prone to negative self talk. And this self-talk is the very thing that often hinders us from reaching our goals. It is not a matter of will power but belief power. Who doesn't want success and great love in their lives? But how many of us truly believe we are worthy or capable of all the great things we aspire to bring or develop in our lives?

Of course, faith and prayer help a lot too. But prayer alone is not enough.  I know dozens of Christians who pray nonstop but nothing ever changes in their lives because they refuse to take any action. The Christian God requires action and walking in faith. (Be doers not sayers-paraphrased)

Make a new goal for 2015 and replace empty unfocused resolutions with positive affirmations.

Write and share your affirmations with me. I'd love to hear to hear about them.