Sunday, August 11, 2019

Helping Others to Reach Dreams...

It has been an intense summer as I technically started my post-graduate work with a graduate prose poetry class thrown in for personal development. I graduated in May with my second master's in education from UMKC with a concentration in TESOL, the field I have taught in for about 18 years.  Today I spent several hours going through youtube videos to try to find some that might aid my private job coaching clients. Why reinvent the wheel when you can recommend already produced TED talk for free information for the seekers?  So, for a short blog entry, may I highly recommend this Ted Talk at this link:    Achieving goals starts with networking with others and helping each other to achieve goals is key to success. Check it out.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Reflection of the Moment 04/21/2019

Reflection of the Moment 4/21/19

So many choices and so little time. I for one, believe in moving forward and not looking or going back. What once was, is now a memory-whether good or bad. 

What is and will be are new elements and must incorporate the best opportunity that will launch the self, the career, the objectives, and the dreams into the absolute best possible future outcome regardless of any other factor, any one else's opinion or bias, or any kind of doubt/fear.

And that is the entire basis of living your truth. It does not matter what any body else thinks. They need to go find their own truth and authenticity. Yours belongs to ONLY you.

So get to it.