Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Beware Regurgitated Ideas that are Costly

There are a lot of job coaches out there. I personally spent several hours this week reading through their websites and materials. It turns out that the majority of their materials are just regurgitated concepts and formulas from the top three people in the field.
Why doesn't everyone create original material? Why doesn't everyone focus on the client's background and personality instead of being clones who overcharge for copied and dated material?
Originality begets more originality. Be original. Develop your interests and forge your career path. Stop listening to smooth talking liars.It is not about following a pre-created program but developing your own talents, presentation, and skill set.

Make sure you find a coach that spends the time on you and enhancing your skill set, objectives, and overall package. Spend your money on originality not on a costly regurgitation.