Thursday, July 2, 2015

Freedom and Capitalism: A marriage of Glory

Living under the regime of an openly wild eyed socialistic president who promised the masses of Americans the "redistribution of wealth", has been nightmarish for the small business owner as well as for the growing hordes of the unemployed. While socialists seem to despise anyone with self-created wealth and companies, they simultaneously covet what these capitalistic success stories possess. It's like hating the gun but loving the bullets that come out of it.

In all fairness, how is taking some one's self earned profit and giving it to the chronically lazy even logical?

Anyone looking for a job who has suffered the horrors of poverty shouldn't be socialist. If they are, it could be this very philosophical economical view point is what is crippling their efforts. Why would I say that? If someone hates profit for the self-producer or entrepreneur, or the corporations that give the majority of workers their jobs, what kind of worker would that person be? Companies exist to generate profit. Of course one can work in the nonprofit sector but they had better like eating noodles and rice. The nonprofit sector tends to have the lowest paying jobs around: of course, as they are NON PROFIT.

I am actually working on a workshop concept to help anti wealth people change their perspectives about money. It isn't finished yet but the basic concepts are as follows.

We live in a free nation. One of the most valuable things to ever possess is freedom: personal liberty. This includes the right to chase dreams and personal ambition whether academic, artistic, or simply recreational. And for many, their dreams include financial success, a productive career, and/or a personally created company. Imagine a person birthing an idea, building the infrastructure, working 80 hour weeks for a decade or more, and then finally when success comes, the government sweeps in and punishes them by stealing half of their profit or more through the legalized theft system we call taxation. Is that fair? According to the sub poverty soul, it is very fair. Since when do we reward non-producers and punish the creators, inventors, and producers in a free society? These foolish notions have caused this country to de-evolve into a section of economic hell. I truly believe the only objective of socialism is to make everyone poverty stricken and equally miserable.

This Saturday is the birthday of this great nation: Independence Day. It is a day we commemorate our creation and our steadfast belief in freedom, God, and blessings of our posterity. As individuals who want financial blessings and opportunities for ourselves and our families, we should take a minute to reflect on the foundation of our nation and how it became a world superpower. The greatest inventions and brands ever forged in human history came out of the loins of free capitalistic Americans: airplanes, engines, medicine, electricity, phones, and virtually everything in contemporary society. Capitalism gave these inventors, visionaries, and risk takers the FREEDOM to chase their passions to their course's end. Capitalism and Freedom are a marriage of glory. And through these, America will economically recover.

 As for the individual, it is through hard work, self-vision, self-sacrifice, and pushing ahead to be the best in their chosen field that financial blessings will flow. Are you in a job that doesn't pay enough? Go back to school and learn a new trade or start a small business. Don't ever covet the achievements and financial gains of others. Use those as tools to inspire yourself to become successful in your own right. There is really no excuse not to achieve. I have seen the elderly do it, women do it, and even those severely handicap do it. Anyone can be successful. The question is, are you willing to WORK FOR IT?

As a coach, it is my single ambition to put as many people as possible back in the competitive running for a job, not just any job but an excellent job. It is my focus to help them communicate better, speak more clearly and concisely, and carry themselves with more confidence and a clear vision for their personal objective.

Freedom gives us permission to chase our dreams. Capitalism is the gateway to allow competition. Self-development is the tool that evolves people to perform better, faster, more precisely, and with superior results over their competition. And then they in turn should motivate their competition to rise to the occasion and better their productivity and effectiveness to gain a future success of their very own.

Freedom and Capitalism: a marriage of glory. Happy birthday America!!!!!

June Narber

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